In May 2016, NHRA has adopted the GCC, Continuous Professional Development Regulation (CPD) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) for health practitioners in order to adhere with Supreme Council of Health (SCH) decision in the same regards. Accordingly, in June of the same year a CPD committee has been formed by decision of NHRA-CEO. The committee has developed the first version of the CPD charter for health care professionals in Kingdom of Bahrain that has been posted in NHRA website to all government and private health care institutions with the application forms to whom would like to conduct a CPD activity in Kingdom of Bahrain.

CPD & CME programs aim to communicate up to date knowledge, health skills and new developments in medicine, dentistry, and allied health in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

CPD & CME programs are a lifelong learning process that complement formal medical & dental education and training of healthcare professionals. According to NHRA this learning process must include 70% of its activities in medical and 30% in communication skills with patients, health care management and ethics that contribute to strengthening the health practitioner capacity with patients.

Recently NHRA linked CPD with renewal professional licenses for all health care, in order to ensure preservation of the value of those educations CME hours made by professionals in the field of health care in the Kingdom. 

Complete CPD application package should be submitted via the email:  CPD@nhra.bh